About Us

Our expertise lies in communicating ideas and information in an engaging, visual and interactive way. We benefit from the talents of a large group of specialists, this lets us respond to each project with flexibility and a wide range of expertise.

Don Button

  • software architecture
  • programming (Python, JavaScript)
  • interactive animation
  • database design

Based on project design and content vision, Don researches and selects the optimal technologies for the project. Collaborating with the designer and content team, Don helps design and specify the features and activities of the website or exhibit, programming some special features in JavaScript and SVG. He works closely with Juliet to integrate the front-end strategy into a web framework, planning the interaction between the back-end database, the authoring environment and the user interface. For this site, Don programmed the SVG animation using the GreenSock animation platform (GSAP).


Juliet Jacobson

  • project vision
  • editorial design
  • navigation strategy and design
  • UX and UI design

On most projects, Juliet designs the content architecture and creates the navigation design as well as the visual interface design. She works with writers and content experts to shape the editorial development process and the resulting editorial structure. She codes HTML as well as CSS; and helps plan and conduct user testing. Throughout the project, Juliet facilitates team collaboration by visualizing each stage of the development process in sketches, flow charts, wire-frames, mockups; whatever works best to create a shared vision.