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Techical Lead

Don is a programmer and technology architect who specializes in interactive and database-driven web applications. With studies ranging from engineering at the University of Southern California, psychology at the University of California, Irvine, and studio art and San Jose State University, he has made a career mixing art and technology. After a stint in Hollywood creating special effects, and while still on the west coast, he implemented interactive media projects for Disney Imagineering and Knowledge Adventure. More recently, on the east coast, with Juliet Jacobson as DigitalGizmo, Don has programmed numerous award-winning sites. All have employed web application frameworks — many built with Java and Struts, though recent sites have been built with Python and Django. All have used extensive database back-ends, and most have interactive features built with JavaScript and SVG. Don's key strength is his ability to understand the client's and designer's vision and translate that into reality using the most appropriate technologies.