Mystic Seaport for Educators

2016, Mystic Seaport Museum

About this site

The MSE Project represents a shift from delivering content in a static, one-way manner to a more participatory learning model that fosters shared authority, merging the expertise of museum staff with the standards-based needs of classroom educators.

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Resource Sets

Each Resource Set offers a collection of MSE website features (Artifact Articles, Living Manuscripts, Active Maps, Lectures and Scholar Interviews) grouped by a common theme or topic.

Resource Sets

Artifact Articles

Artifact Articles offer brief information and historical context about an artifact from Mystic's museum collection. Artifact Articles are written by MSE teachers as a component of their professional development. Artifact Articles include classroom-friendly features such as Questions for Deeper Thought, Artifact Facts, Related Items from the Collection, In the Classroom Ideas, Related Resources and Related Websites.

Artifact Article

Active Maps

Active Maps plot the voyages of historic ships based on the coordinates recorded in the ship's logbook. Each logbook entry is plotted on the map and can be clicked to reveal the entry itself. Additional information such as weather events and whale hunting details are also visible on the maps.

Active Map