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last updated: June 2020

Picturing Urban Renewal

Picturing Urban Renewal explores the history of urban renewal in four cities—small, mid-sized, and large—each of which has a different story to tell. Taken together, these four stories build a broader picture of urban renewal and its short and long-term impact. In collaboration with scholars from the University of Albany, we’ve recently completed work on an NEH Discovery Grant phase to envision an ambitious website that presents the story of these four urban renewal projects via interactive maps, personal stories, immersive video and long-form, richly visual narratives. We’ve applied for funding to continue development.

Lucy Terry Prince: A Window into African American Life in Early Rural New England

We are in the planning stages of developing a website that explores the long, well-documented life of an African American woman whose experiences, from her birth and captivity in Africa around 1730, to her enslavement in Massachusetts, to her death as a free woman in Vermont in 1821, encompass most of the signal events of the lives of enslaved people in New England. The website will be designed as an emotionally engaging, immersive personal narrative supported by contextual, historical material that users can explore in a more user-directed, interactive experience. This project is being developed with our long-time colleagues at the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association.

Revolution Happened Here: Our Towns in the American Revolution

Funded by a grant from MassHumanities, this project seeks to bring together small historical societies throughout western Massachusetts to create a collaborative web exhibit about the American Revolution as it happened at a local, grassroots level. Each collaborating organization will contribute primary resources and stories from their collection which, when taken together will explore how the American Revolution, while globally seismic in its consequences, was at its heart intrinsically local and intensely personal. This project is in prototyping phase.

Revitalizing Legacy Websites

We’re about to begin renovating and updating two aging but still popular websites that we developed many years ago: American Centuries and The Many Stories of 1704. We will be redesigning and recoding interactive activities that were originally created using Adobe Flash. We will also be reproducing the audio and video files to modern file formats. This work will ensure that the websites can continue to serve their audiences into the future.