Our involvement in projects runs the gamut: from “soup to nuts” — developing a project from initial vision to public launch, to “gun for hire” — contributing targeted skills to existing projects. Most of our work follows the former model but the expertise we’ve gained that way enables us to successfully contribute to the latter model.

We work with a wide range of specialists, tools and technologies that ensure a great outcome. Depending on the needs of a particular project, we are able to provide the following services:

Visual and UX Design

  • navigation structure and design
  • interactive features
  • interface design and production
  • user testing

The design of our digital exhibits and websites results from a deep understanding of the content and a empathic knowledge of the audience. The ultimate form that the project takes and the technology underlying it, is chosen to ensure compelling yet straight-forward delivery of a coherent communication. We emphasize usability, and strive to enrich the user experience through fun but meaningful interactivity. Our process begins by working closely with the content experts to design a clear content structure. This structure undergirds the navigation and interface design. The media and technology selection is made in service of the material and desired functionality. The visual design of the site is iteratively developed subsequent to these foundational decisions. This approach results in a project that is engagingly visual, conceptually and narratively coherent and a user experience that can be intuitive yet complex.

Back-end/Server Development

  • custom content management system development
  • full-stack or headless CMS
  • database architecture and integration

We build custom, browser-based content management systems using open-source frameworks such as Django/Python. Our projects typically involve extensive database structuring and integration using open-source databases such as PostgreSQL. We often keep the backend “headless,” separate from the front-end using GraphQL or REST API. This provides the flexibility to address a variety of front-end platforms and technologies. We track all work in GIT repositories.

Front-end Development

  • responsive design for multiple platforms
  • interactive maps and animations
  • data visualization

We use data-driven, reactive frameworks such as React.js to achieve a high degree of flexibility and interactivity. Our interactive features are fully HTML5 compliant, using JavaScript, CSS3 and SVG so that our sites work across the range of devices — from mobile to desktop. We use Leaflet.js and GeoJSON for maps and D3, where appropriate, for data visualization. As with back-end efforts, we track all work in GIT repositories.

Content Strategy & Development

  • editorial design and content organization
  • web-based custom content management systems
  • live content development process

We collaborate closely with our content expert teammates to develop a content architecture that realizes the client’s vision while providing a rich but simple user experience. Our involvement in editorial design also streamlines and informs the content creators’ work. To support this work, we build custom online CMS platforms that enable writers to view their work on the evolving website as they write. All content is kept separate from presentation to ensure longevity and future-proofing.

Media Production

  • digital audio recording and producing
  • digital video and animations
  • digital photography, document scanning and image processing

Depending on the requirements of the project, we can call on any of a group of specialists to contribute to the creation of a wide variety of media production.

Project Management

  • team project management website
  • collaborative content creation
  • shared online administrative space

We’ve developed a successful online collaborative process to productively work with geographically dispersed teammates. To manage a project, facilitate review, and provide access to every stage of development, we set up and maintain a password-protected team web site. This team site serves as the development area for all aspects of the project’s development. Team members can review schedules, collaborate on writing and concept documents, review design treatments, assets and prototypes. The team site enables real-time communication and collaboration between the developers, the content experts and the reviewers and ensures that all parties kept current throughout the development process.